petit pli childrens playsuit by Ryan Mario Yasin

When it comes to clothing your children, one of the biggest obstacles is trying to establish what size is best to purchase because at a young age, children experience growth which can often result in expensive designer clothing quickly becoming too small, well a design student might have the answer that we have all been waiting for.

Ryan Mario Yasin, a student at the Royal College of Art, created a clothing line that utilised his experience of design, creating a collection of clothing that could accommodate a child’s growth, without impacting the clothes that you have bought.

Creating a line of clothing that made use of ‘permanent folds’ that were designed to have movement that would allow for the natural growth of a child to be incorporated into the way the clothing is made, essentially allowing the folds to ‘unpack’ yet keep their intended style.

petit pli childrens coat design by Ryan Yasin

Yasin was driven to creating the Petit Pli clothing line after becoming tired of buying his nephew clothes to find out that they no longer fit him just a matter of months later.

Spurred onto trying to find a solution to a worldwide problem, Yasin set to work thinking about how he would combat the amount of waste within the garment industry and after countless concepts being eliminated, his permanent fold style clothing line was born.

Having tried and tested various methods, materials and concepts, including the cooking of fabric within his oven and working extensively with pleats, his new style of clothing has created a new era of children’s fashion, proving Yasin’s desire to be able to revolutionise the children’s fashion industry to be a success.