High street retailer Next have issued a global recall on a line of children’s sandals after they became aware that some of the detailing presented a choking hazard to small children, stating that the recall should be considered to be urgent.

The retailer placed a sandal priced at £18 on sale which featured small star shaped studs that were located across the straps, however, it has become clear that those stars could become loose and could be swallowed by youngsters.

next star studded sandal recalled

The sandals which were part of their ‘Younger Girls’ range were created for children aged between three months to six years old and Next have moved quickly to highlight that they are recalling the product as quickly as possible.

A statement that was issued by the retailer revealed that they believed that there was a potential issue with the rivet studs that were used on the product and added “As the sandals don’t meet our strict technical specification, we’ve taken the decision of recalling them, and we’re requesting that you return them to us for a full refund.”

This marks the second time in a matter of weeks that the retailer has had to recall a line of children’s shoes after another design failed to pass testing due to beads used coming loose and once again providing to be a potential choking hazard.

Questions are now being asked by Next customers as to whether the retailer conducts testing on the products that they release prior to them reaching their shelves, however with two cases happening in such close proximity, we have to say that we don’t believe that will be the case.

If you have purchased a pair of Next sandals and would like to find out whether they have been recalled, please contact your local Next retailer for more information.