Even though we have all had to keep an eye on the purse strings over the past few years, it seems that we are more than willing to loosen those strings when it comes to our miniature fashionistas after the children’s designer clothing market saw a huge upturn in 2015 and has continued to do so ever since.

Accounting for 12% of the overall clothing market back in 2015, the market generated $135.6bn in sales across the world according to research firm Euromonitor but with the signs showing that branded designer wear for children is going to continue to grow, forecasts claim that the industry could become worth $6.1bn over the next five years.

While designer wear seems to be limited on the high street in the UK, online the sales are continuing to generate brow lifting revenues and ChildrenSalon.com claimed that their customers could not get enough of the biggest designer labels, including Gucci, Versace, D&G and many others.

The selection of designer clothing available openly on the market where the high street is concerned continues to be minimal at the moment, even with retailers such as Harvey Nichols stocking various items from multiple fashion houses.

With the growth of the children’s designer fashion market it comes as no surprise that online retailers are looking to get a slice of the action, Net-a-Porter being one of those after they announced that they were launching Petite-a-Porter for their children’s division last year.

With analysts looking to understand why the growth of the market continues to happen when it is thought that adults are less likely to splash the cash on designer goods, it was speculated that buying for your children you are more likely to be willing to break any indulgence rules that you tend to impose on yourself.