• Children’s Designer Clothes Market Is Booming As Gucci, Versace and D&G Take Spotlight

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    Even though we have all had to keep an eye on the purse strings over the past few years, it seems that we are more than willing to loosen those strings when it comes to our miniature fashionistas after the children’s designer clothing market saw a huge upturn in 2015 and has continued to do so ever since.

    Accounting for 12% of the overall clothing market back in 2015, the market generated $135.6bn in sales across the world according to research firm Euromonitor but with the signs showing that branded designer wear for children is going to continue to grow, forecasts claim that the industry could become worth $6.1bn over the next five years.

    While designer wear seems to be limited on the high street in the UK, online the sales are continuing to generate brow lifting revenues and ChildrenSalon.com claimed that their customers could not get enough of the biggest designer labels, including Gucci, Versace, D&G and many others.

    The selection of designer clothing available openly on the market where the high street is concerned continues to be minimal at the moment, even with retailers such as Harvey Nichols stocking various items from multiple fashion houses.

    With the growth of the children’s designer fashion market it comes as no surprise that online retailers are looking to get a slice of the action, Net-a-Porter being one of those after they announced that they were launching Petite-a-Porter for their children’s division last year.

    With analysts looking to understand why the growth of the market continues to happen when it is thought that adults are less likely to splash the cash on designer goods, it was speculated that buying for your children you are more likely to be willing to break any indulgence rules that you tend to impose on yourself.

  • Ugg Boots Falling Out of Demand As Owners Contemplate “Strategic Alternatives”

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    While we have always been a fan of the Ugg boots craze, it seems that the brand are planning tough times ahead following a year of tough sales climate that saw owners Deckers Brands record a dip in sales of 5.3%.

    With the line reportedly accounting for as much as 80% of the profits that parent company Deckers Brands reported, it seems that unlike some of their rivals they are having to take a look at “strategic alternatives” that they can explore to make Ugg boots more appealing in the current market trend.

    The decline in popularity seems to be more due to the fact that the brand have struggled to continue to produce trend relevant styles due to the nature of the bulky boots structure, a far cry away from where the company found themselves a few years back after stores were struggling to keep their lines in stock.

    Although the decline in sales came to light in their third quarter last year, it seems that it would be more relevant to say that they have struggled to captivate the market since back in 2011 and with increased competition that were producing similar style boots pricing them out of the market, the brand never really gained traction again, instead continuing on a ‘lane crossing’ journey.

    With analysts claiming that their lack of forward movement within their style creation, Ugg “diluted the brand” and that is something that many designer brands have trialled in the past, without being able to recover from their decision.

    According to reports recently, the decline in sales and profit have lead investors to call for Deckers Brands to consider the future of the company and come up with a plan to either recover those losses or consider selling the brand as they look to get investment return out as high as possible.

    The iconic boots became a big part of the tall boots marketplace, providing women, men and children alike with a style of boot that could be worn in a range of ways however it wasn’t until later that the brand added childrens and mens ranges to their offering as they looked to further their scope into the market.

  • Sophia Webster Girls Chiara Mini Butterfly Wing Flats

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    Award winning British fashion designer Sophia Webster may well have found her calling later than most fashion designers in terms of when she realised what she wanted to do, but her superior eye for design has certainly put her name well up within the realms of one of the most sort after footwear designers on the planet right now.

    Sophia Webster Chiara Butterfly Wing Flats

    Pushed into the frontline spotlight following one of her footwear creations being named in the outfit named as ‘Dress of the Year’ back in 2013, her creations have continued to draw the attention of fashion lovers across the globe, both for her women’s and her children’s collections.

    The Sophia Webster girls Chiara Mini Butterfly Wing Flats have become one of the most have’s for the younger fashionista world, with their creation a variant of the hugely popular women’s heeled collections that are so popular within the fashion circuit right now.

    Available in a choice of colours, the Sophia Webster Chiara Mini Butterfly Wing Flats are a sight to behold and are locked and loaded, ready to put that elegance and style into a younger fashionista’s ensemble.

    Priced from £95 and available from infant sizes, you can find her latest collection on her website at https://www.sophiawebster.com/category/8/mini.

  • Little Marc Jacobs Metallic Backback Is Out Of This World

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    As the AW16 collections continue to battle for attention, it seems that intergalactic influence is certainly shining through from some of the biggest fashion brands on the market, including Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and footwear queen Sophia Webster.

    Stars, galaxies and metallic blends are coming together to create a trend that is certainly set to get your little fashionista noticed in a crowd and we wanted to pay a tribute to this little number, the Little Marc Jacobs metallic backpack.

    With the world of designer children’s bags seeming to be tiny compared to the adult market, it becomes refreshing to see that although Marc Jacobs has pushed these through his AW16 collection, the price tag makes it accessible to even those that love fashion on a budget, priced at just £89 at Alex and Alexa.

  • Smarten Up With Bardot Junior Boys Oliver Blazer

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    Seeing your little one cutting the true silhouette of a successful man is one thing, but allowing them to be able to do that in a true show of fashion, is priceless.

    This powder blue Oliver blazer from retailer Bardot Junior antes up and certainly gives you the chance to do that, cutting classic tailoring lines with a modern twist.

    Featuring a dual button front, classic lapel collar and single chest pocket – there is certainly no one else that will command that best dressed accolade on those special events or for adding a touch of stylish flair to a more casual attire.

    Available for £47.59 from www.bardot.com.